The volunteers of Sikh Aware have visited various schools across New Zealand. Sikh Aware conducts 30 minute sessions through which we explain the significance of the Turban, what is inside the turban, why Sikhs do not cut their hair and the significance of the Sikh Articles of faith worn by Sikh Students.

These sessions help the Non-Sikh students and school staff understand the Sikh culture and why Sikh students dress up differently. This also helps make the school staff sensitive to the Sikh culture and adopt uniform policies which accommodate Sikh Students and their articles of faith like the Turban, unshaven beards, Karha, Kirpan etc.

Such sessions at schools go a long way in raising the self-confidence of Sikh Children who are then able to mix with others at school and foster healthy relationships with other students at school. Incidents like bullying or teasing of Sikh Children and touching of the turbans etc decrease significantly after such presentations at schools.

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