What exactly is Sikh Aware NZ?

Sikh Aware is a New Zealand Based Charity providing a support service for those who experience anti-Sikh discrimination and hatred. Sikh Aware aims to to resolve social conflict through positive dialogue and Sikh Awareness sessions. Sikh Aware carries out various awareness activities to support the followers of Sikh Religion.

If you or your child faces any kind of harassment at work, school or at a public place due to wearing a Turban/Patka/Kirpan/Karha or your are excluded from certain activities due to not wearing a helmet or a hat, please contact Sikh Aware at info@prabhjassinghb5.sg-host.com and the Sikh Aware team will try to speak to you to discuss the possible solutions so that you can follow your faith with pride and without being harassed or bullied.
We also support those who face exploitation or discrimination at work or any kind of harassment in public places and can provide appropriate support services including qualified legal advice where required.

The team at Sikh Aware also works with Government, various government agencies and also Gurdwaras across New Zealand to raise the issues concerning the Sikhs at a policy level and our work would help shape and inform policy makers.

Can non-Sikhs report incidents to Sikh Aware NZ?

Yes. We welcome reports from individuals who have witnessed incidents online or on the street. This also includes individuals abused because they were perceived to be Sikh.

How does that work?

Anyone can experience a hate crime or discrimination. It can happen at school, at work or in the public. What matters is your perception. First you submit the basic details of incident and your self to us. You can do this via phone, in person or email. We will discuss it with you and recommend the further course of action including assisting with dealing with government agencies, legal agencies and assisting with any other counseling.

Are you a Sikh organisation?

Sikh Aware NZ is an initiative by prominent learned members of the Sikh Community in New Zealand on a common platform with many Sikh Organisations in NZ. We are committed to supporting Sikhs who face hatred, violence and discrimination in the NZ.

How much do you charge for your services?

Sikh Aware is run by a team of volunteers and we do not charge for running anything for services like counselling or running information sessions at schools or other public places. A fee may be charged by third parties like lawyers who are external to Sikh Aware and we shall discuss this with you should the need of contracting a third party arise.

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