Campaign 1 – Free Delivery of Grocery

In March 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic reached the shores of New Zealand. During this period, Sikh Aware carried provided a free grocery delivery for those across New Zealand who needed to self-isolate. This included those returning from overseas, the elderly and vulnerable and also those who were having symptoms and were self-isolating.

Campaign 2 – Free Grocery to Victims of Domestic Violence

In the COVID-19 crisis, with a lot of people staying at home, cases of domestic violence increased significantly. Sikh Aware provide free grocery to many victims of domestic violence during this period.

Campaign 3 – Free Grocery to jobless Student Visa/Work Visa holders

Temporary visa holders had faced significant financial hardship during the COVID-19 crisis. Sikh Aware played a significant part in the alleviation of this hardship by providing free groceries to those in need.

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