Terms and Conditions for Sikh Aware Family Retreat being held at YMCA Camp Adair, Hunua, Auckland

1) I agree to abide to the rules and regulations set by Sikh Aware and follow all reasonable instructions provided by the organisers.
2) If the Sikh Aware Family Retreat is cancelled due to COVID-19 or any other reason, a full refund of the fees will be provided to the campers. Sikh Aware would not be liable to refund any other costs like airfare etc. in case of cancellation of the Sikh Aware Family Retreat.
3) Sikh Aware will try its best to organise all the sessions requested by the families. However there is a possibility that a particular session requested by the camper is not held due to lesser demand/unavailability of a speaker on the topic.
4) A few sessions at the camp will be online.
5) Sikh Aware will make every attempt to provide a separate dormitory to every family with 6 members or more. Families smaller than 6 members may have to share the dormitory with another family.
6) Sikh Aware will pay for all the accommodation, food and activity related charges at the Retreat. However, the fees paid does not include the cost of bedding/linen. Linen can be hired at $20 per person.
7) Non-vegetarian food/sea food/eggs etc is not allowed at the Retreat. I am aware that most of the campers are vegetarians and that I am expected to respect their dietary preferences.
8) Consumption or possession of Drugs/Narcotic Substances/Alcohol is prohibited at the Sikh Aware Family Retreat and is liable with expulsion from the Retreat.
9) Shaving/Waxing/Consumption of Alcohol/Smoking/Any activity prohibited by Sikhi is not allowed at the Retreat.
10) No application will be accepted without full payment.
11) All cancellations are non refundable. Cancellations made before retreat are transferable with prior consent of the Sikh Aware Family Retreat organisers.
12) I agree that Sikh Aware, its trustees, camp staff, counsellors and volunteers
accept no liability in connection with the supervision or administration of medication to my children or myself.
13) I understand that Sikh Aware, its officers, directors, trustees, employees, volunteers, agents, servants, predecessors, successors, parents, are not liable for any injury that occurs to any participant while participating in any camp activities or loss of any property of any participants.
14) Any campers who do not follow instructions of the organisers at the camp or cause a nuisance for others are liable to be evicted from the Retreat alongwith their entire family. No refund will be provided to a camper/family who is evicted.
15) All photographs or videos taken at the camp shall remain a copyright of Sikh Aware. These can be used for personal use. Any commercial use of this can only be done with the written permission of the Sikh Aware. Sikh Aware reserves the rights to use any of the photographs or videos taken at the camp for any further promotion or marketing activity without seeking permission from the camper/the family.


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