Case 1 – Sikh Sangat NZ vs Kultar Singh

Kultar Singh approached Sikh Aware NZ and claimed that his employer Sikh Sangat NZ is demanding $40,000 in lieu of assisting him with a residence visa. He also claimed that the members of Sikh Sangat NZ have threatened to kill him and he is only being paid $800 per month which is way below the minimum wage in New Zealand despite him working more than 70 hours a week. Sikh Aware is currently providing legal assistance to Kultar Singh in this issue. Read more about this case here –

Case 2 – Siri Guru Singh Sabha vs Harpreet Singh and Jaswinder Singh

In this case, Sikh Aware NZ provided assistance to victims Harpreet Singh and Jaswinder Singh who were grossly underpaid by their employer and has managed to get a decision in the ERA where the employer needs to pay in excess of $100k due to breach of his obligations. Read more about this case here – and

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